After the diagnosis of hair cysts, the surgeon anesthetizes the operation site with local anesthesia and the person does not feel pain. It is then completely removed with a carbon dioxide laser. Since the laser, because the laser simultaneously cuts the tissue and burns the blood vessels at the same time, the operation with the laser is associated with very little bleeding. Due to the minimal damage to the nerves and tissues of the area, the patient does not feel pain after the operation. Also, the wound healing stage is less likely to damage the surrounding tissues than the operation with a knife.

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These cysts form at the top of the gap between the two buttocks, which are small holes or holes that may be filled with fluid or pus and can cause abscesses or cysts. Hair cysts usually contain hair, pus and residual skin. This cyst can cause severe pain and, in most cases, infection.

Laser Hair Cyst Surgery:

Hair cyst laser or sinus surgery

Traditional knife surgery is usually associated with many complications, but with blazer surgery, not all traditional surgery complications will be present, and the success rate in treatment is very high. With laser treatment, all the risks and complications of surgery have been completely eliminated and the success rate in treatment has increased.

Laser is one of the newest and most successful treatments for hair cysts, and with the advent of hair cyst lasers, surgeons are generally guaranteed to avoid recurrence.

The use of lasers in the treatment of laser hair cysts

Four laser applications in the definitive treatment of hair cysts or sinuses:

  • Use a laser to remove excess hair
  • The use of laser diodes in the treatment of hair cysts
  • Use a powerful laser to completely remove the lesion in the advanced stages of hair cysts
  • Use laser surgery to speed up laser wound healing used for hair cysts

The benefits of laser hair cysts

Laser hair treatment does not require general anesthesia or local anesthesia and is easier for the patient. The hair cyst is then gently removed and removed by a laser beam without the need for a razor or knife. Laser irradiation to the affected area and the patient’s recovery is painless, and by minimizing the capillaries and blood vessels around the cyst, hemorrhage is minimized.

Patients affected by hair cyst laser are significantly satisfied and say they have no pain. So far, for all treatments available for hair cysts, the hair cyst laser has been the most successful.

Recovery after laser treatment of hair cysts

The success rate of laser treatment for hair cysts is not the only reason why patients are welcomed. Another important reason is the short rest period after laser treatment and the patient can return to his daily life quickly. The patient does not need to be hospitalized and is operated on in an outpatient setting and returned home after surgery. They turn. Laser hair cyst treatment also causes less pain in the patient. On average, patients undergoing laser treatment rarely need to use housing after surgery.